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(Seawater Desalination)
MPDT provides environmentally sustainable systems and equipment that produce high quality water. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide a complete package, including  pre and post -treatment and reverse osmosis desalination  technologies for the task, then commissioning and ongoing operation and maintenance. In other words, we provide all the necessary services required from initial design through to long-term operation.
Of course not all of our clients require a full-service, but many of our clients choose the benefits from this integrated model, from design to operation.
Optimising plant efficiency requires a whole of process approach, starting with understanding client needs through to plant design to operations. We guarantee our process design will satisfy client specification and expectations.
We aim to ensure that any projects, we undertake, are highly cost-effective and eco-friendly meeting our clients' need for top quality water. Our experienced service engineering team are used to carrying out installations at remote locations and providing on-site support. 
Construcciones y Auxiliar de Ferrocarriles (CAF) has developed an innovative on-board energy storage system that eliminates the need for catenary cables between stops in urban areas. Through the use of this technology, CAF intends to contribute to the better integration of urban transportation within cities, by reducing the environmental and visual impact in historic city centers and increasing energy efficiency.
In addition to catenary-free operation, this system also recovers the maximum amount of energy during braking, which is very frequent in cities. While conventional trams only recover energy when the catenary allows it, the ACR accumulator guarantees full recovery. An additional advantage is the autonomy of the system in emergency power shortages.
SolTech has solar energy solutions that are suitable for all types of property. Farmers, hotels, multi-occupancy dwellings, schools, hospitals, house and summer home owners are investing in solutions that are tailored for their particular properties. The most suitable product for you and your property depends, to a large extent, on where you can or want to install our solution.
Does it have a flat roof or an apex roof? Do you want to use a frontage or glazed structure? It also depends on whether you want to generate surplus electricity or integrate solar energy with a heating system - or both.


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MPDT maintains high safety standards, working to secure sites, personnel and the environment. Ensuring safety should never be left to chance. We make sure everyone working with us is trained and pay careful attention to standards and policies set and maintained by the company.